QUIQQER is a free enterprise content management system.
  • Uncomplicated download

    QUIQQER is free and open source. There are no expensive license fees. At you can simply download and install the system.

  • Cross-platform working

    You manage the QUIQQER system via a web interface. This makes QUIQQER platform-independent.

    You can write and organize your texts from anywhere: whether at home on your desktop computer or on the go via laptop. All you need is a web browser.

  • Flexible working

    With QUIQQER you can realize any kind of web project. QUIQQER is perfect for a personal blog or website, a photo blog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a member website, a magazine or a news page. Even e-commerce shops, SaaS projects or a simple billing system are no problem for QUIQQER.

  • GPL License

    QUIQQER is licensed under the GPL Open Source License. Thus QUIQQER is completely free to use.
  • Dual License

    In addition to the GPL license, QUIQQER is also available under an Enterprise Edition license.
    Enterprise support is also available for companies and freelancers.

Installation / Updates

  • Easy update

    You simply update via the backend or command line.
  • Auto Update

    The system checks regularly and automatically for updates. This ensures that all users are immediately informed of new functions. In addition, the admin receives a notification as soon as security updates are available.
  • Integrated Store

    Expand QUIQQER via the integrated store according to your needs.

Groups and user administration

  • Extensive user administration

    With the QUIQQER user management you can easily add, edit or delete users.

    With the powerful search, you can find users quickly and easily - a central location for all user-specific data and settings.
  • Freely configurable user administration in the frontend

    Registered users can view and change their own data via the profile page. You decide which data this is. Give your users exactly the control they need.

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  • Consistent standards

    During development we make sure that our code complies with the PSR code standard of PHP or use JSLint to check our JavaScript code for possible errors.

    By adhering to various standards, other developers can quickly and easily find, improve or extend our code. This also allows you to hire freelancers to extend or set up your QUIQQER system.


  • Multilingual content

    With QUIQQER you can efficiently offer texts and content in different languages. Therefore you can name and manage all contents of the system language dependent.

    So you can easily deliver the same text in multiple languages. You manage these texts via the same system and the same interface.

  • Language associations

    You can link individual pages with each other depending on the language. Visitors to your page can call up a different language version of the page via a menu.
  • Language associations SEO

    QUIQQER automatically informs the search engines of the different language versions of the individual pages.
  • Language variable management

    If you want to provide content in several languages, so-called "language variables" are used. You can easily manage them using the QUIQQER translator in the backend.
  • Manage multiple languages and projects

    You manage multiple languages and projects from a single QUIQQER installation. You can use different domains to make this different content easy and search engine friendly to access.
  • Virtual Host Management

    QUIQQER has a virtual host administration by default. This allows domains to be directed to specific projects.

Content Management Functions

  • WYSIWYG editor

    The WYSIWYG editor lets you enter content in the blink of an eye. Without any programming knowledge you can keep your website up to date.
  • Variety of modules

    QUIQQER comes with many modules that perfectly take over the presentation of your content. No matter if FAQ, news, blog or the QUIQQER standard page types - let your content look smart in no time.
  • Text and image management

    Seamlessly integrate media management to quickly and easily embed media content into your content.
  • Optical design

    You can easily configure many of the page types using various settings in the appearance.
  • Project sitemap

    You manage your QUIQQER projects via a sitemap. This way you always have an overview of your website structure and can find your way around quickly and easily. You can move, copy or link pages.
  • Integrated page types

    QUIQQER page types provide predefined content or functions such as contact forms, blog entries, user profiles and many more. Simply define the page type and settings - the fully functional and designed page is ready.
  • Manual or scheduled publishing

    With QUIQQER you can publish your pages manually or conveniently at the desired time automatically.
  • Visibility of individual pages

    Specify whether pages are displayed as entries in the navigation - for example in the main menu - or not.
  • Galleries and Sliders

    With the QUIQQER Gallery module and its page types, you can present pictures impressively in galleries and slideshows.

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  • Preview function

    With the preview function, you can keep an eye on pages and content even before they are published. See how your content will look embedded on the site.
  • Multiple Domains / Multi-Domain Support

    Define any number of domains per QUIQQER system that refer to different projects (websites) or project languages. For example, you can assign one domain per language (.de for German and .com for English).
  • Project diversity

    Each project has its own website. Specify different languages and any number of subpages for your projects.
  • Page edit lock

    The page editing lock prevents two or more users from making changes to the same page at the same time and creating a version conflict when saving. Only one active user can make changes at a time.

    If you want to override the lock, grant the appropriate user rights.
  • Copy-and-paste of pages

    Easily move or copy pages using the copy and paste function.
  • Fully automatic menu creation

    QUIQQER automatically creates and updates the complete navigation or menu structure of your website.
  • Automatic link management

    QUIQQER makes sure that your website does not contain any dead links. All links to pages that are moved will receive updated links to the new location on that page. If a page is deleted, all links to that page will be removed.
  • Customizable error page

    Design error pages completely individually with images, links or help texts.
  • Predefined FAQ page types

    QUIQQER provides you with predefined page types for displaying, categorizing and creating frequently asked questions.

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  • Recovering deleted data

    Easily restore deleted items from the trash. So relevant pages and media files won't get lost. Alternatively, you can permanently delete the data.

Page history / content versioning

  • History management

    Thanks to QUIQQER's version control, you won't lose any content. The page version control stores which user edited a post at what time. If necessary, you can undo changes and restore older versions.

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  • Version comparison

    If you are no longer sure what changes have been made to a page, QUIQQER's page history management offers you a comparison of different versions.

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  • Easy formatting

    Create content as easily as documents in popular Office applications. The built-in WYSIWYG editor lets you easily format pages and insert media. The finished page is available with one click.
  • Expandable WYSIWYG editor

    QUIQQER uses the CKEditor by default to write texts. Via the administration interface you install and manage plugins for the CKEditor from its plugin archive to extend its functionality.
  • Various configurations

    QUIQQER provides different versions of the editor for different groups or users. Decide when which one is best suited.

Media Management

  • Clear folder structure

    In Media Management, you can easily manage and organize media using folders.
  • Drag & Drop

    Upload files quickly and easily using drag & drop.
  • Flexible Upload-Limits

    Uploads can be any size in QUIQQER: no matter if small company logo or long product video. You can set maximum file sizes via settings.
  • Any file types

    Upload any file types. QUIQQER does not impose any restrictions.
  • Editor- / Content-Integration

    Integrate media directly into the editor. This saves time and effort.
  • Resumption of aborted uploads

    If complications occur when uploading a file, such as the loss of the Internet connection, QUIQQER can resume the upload.
  • watermark function

    Add watermarks to images individually or automatically.
  • Optimized images cache

    QUIQQER generates the optimal compromise between file size and resolution. Thus the system provides the best version of the uploaded images.
  • Picture effects

    Improve uploaded images with just a few clicks. Adjust contrast, brightness, grayscale and blur with QUIQQER.
  • Mass processing

    Mass processing allows you to quickly and easily move, rename, delete, download or disable many media files.

Search Function (Backend)

  • Backend search

    Find any page, setting or content in a snap, using a simple search term. The search in the backend is comfortable and extensive.
  • Search API

    You can use the QUIQQER search module to expand the search. This will give you even better search results tailored to your needs.

Search Function (Frontend)

  • Search index

    Visitors to your website can easily browse all content using the simple or advanced search. This allows them to quickly find the pages with the most important information for them.
  • Variable advanced search

    You have extensive possibilities to set the advanced search. Determine what your search and search results look like, exactly what is searched, what information is displayed in the results and much more.
  • Automatic search suggestions

    You offer your users automatic search suggestions for search entries. This way, visitors can find the information they need even faster.
  • Full text search

    Offer visitors to your site a full-text search to browse all pages. It supports searching for several terms ("phrases") and searching with wildcards. Optionally, all or only one of the search terms entered must be present in the result.
  • Search API

    Use the QUIQQER Search module to expand your search. You can adapt it even better to the search needs of your visitors.