An uncomplicated and free open source CMS

QUIQQER is a multilingual content management system (CMS for short), which makes the realization and administration of your projects - be it web services, company websites, blogs or internet portals - easy and fast.

Fast and flexible to your own project

Manage user and group access rights, content, templates and much more without much effort. Change and extend QUIQQER as you like. Due to its modular structure, it adapts flexibly to your needs - and especially to your ideas.


The included modules already cover everything you need for a normal website.

Browse for additional modules or plugins that you can use to extend your project according to your needs. For a website you don't necessarily need all extensions. Select the ones you find most interesting for your website and design your project according to your ideas.


The structured basis of the management system offers users and administrators a modern platform for business ideas and projects. So you can concentrate completely on your service without being held up by complicated systems for weeks.

Your concepts are implemented in minutes. The useful functions, modules and plugins will help you to achieve your goals.
What QUIQQER can do,  you can read here.

QUIQQER is an open source system, so the source code is freely visible for everyone.