QUIQQER is a free enterprise content management system.
  • Uncomplicated download

    QUIQQER is free and open source. There are no expensive license fees. At you can simply download and install the system.

  • Cross-platform working

    You manage the QUIQQER system via a web interface. This makes QUIQQER platform-independent.

    You don't need any other complex software, just a web browser.

  • Flexible working

    With QUIQQER you can realize any kind of web project. QUIQQER is perfect for a personal blog or website, a photo blog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a member website, a magazine or a news page. Even e-commerce shops, SaaS projects or a simple billing system are no problem for QUIQQER.

  • GPL License

    QUIQQER is licensed under the GPL Open Source License. This allows you to use QUIQQER completely free.
  • Dual License

    In addition to the GPL license, QUIQQER is also available under an Enterprise Edition license.
    Enterprise support is also available for companies and freelancers.

Installation and Updates

  • Simple update

    You simply update via the backend or command line.
  • Auto Update

    The system checks regularly and automatically for updates. This ensures that all users are immediately informed of new functions. In addition, the admin receives a notification as soon as security updates are available.
  • Five-minute installation

    QUIQQER is installed in less than five minutes and then presents the first sample contents.
  • Step-by-step installation

    With our step-by-step instructions, your QUIQQER system is installed and set up in no time at all using your browser or command line.
  • Offline-Update

    You can also update QUIQQER installations that you run in internal networks and do not want to connect to the Internet. You can use your own update servers for this purpose.
  • Management of update sources

    QUIQQER can handle different update sources. This applies to normal Packagist servers as well as GIT repositories or pure ZIP packages. With the QUIQQER server management you can easily add sources.
  • Security through own local update sources

    As a system administrator, you guarantee a high level of security by using specially created update servers. For example, only tested package versions are available for installation.
  • QUIQQER Command Line

    QUIQQER has its own command line API. You use it to update and check the system or adapt it. The QUIQQER command line is a powerful tool. It allows you to quickly perform various tasks.
  • Integrated Store

    QUIQQER comes with integrated package managers (Composer, NPM, Bowser). This allows you to easily integrate your own package servers into the system. Even VCS systems like GIT can serve as update servers.

Group and user administration

  • Extensive user administration

    With the QUIQQER user management you can easily add, edit or delete users.

    With the powerful search, you can find users quickly and easily - a central location for all user-specific data and settings.
  • Freely configurable user administration in the frontend

    Registered users can view and change their own data via the profile page. You decide which data this is. Give your users exactly the control they need.

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  • Various registration methods

    Visitors of your website can create a user account in a number of ways, from providing their email address (including double opt-in) to using their Facebook or Google account.

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  • Different authentication methods

    Users of your site can log in in a variety of ways, including using the combination of email address and password, or using their Facebook or Google account. They can also recover their password or change their email address if they need to - all backed up by an email confirmation.

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Permission management

  • Individual user permissions

    Each user can have his or her own authorizations. This allows you to determine exactly who accesses which resources.
  • Default settings during the installation of a module

    When a module is installed, its developer decides which users, groups or projects it grants rights to.


  • IP access restriction

    By restricting access to one IP address per user, you can secure access to the QUIQQER administration.
  • Two-factor authentication

    With additional authentication methods you can not only extend QUIQQER with them, you can also set them as two-factor authentication.

    QUIQQER supports encryption and secure connections such as SSL / HTTPS.
  • Source code quality

    The source code of QUIQQER has been scientifically examined for security vulnerabilities and secured against attacks as part of a bachelor thesis.
  • Monitoring of activities

    With the QUIQQER Watcher module you can monitor which user performs which action. Monitor specific users, groups, events and requests. With the watcher log you can keep track of all changes.

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  • Monitoring of Logins

    QUIQQER records who logged on to the system. The date, time, IP address and type of logon (administration or console) are stored. Not only successful logins are recorded, but also if wrong passwords have been entered.


  • Uniform standards

    During development we make sure that our code complies with the PSR code standard of PHP or use JSLint to check our JavaScript code for possible errors.

    By adhering to various standards, other developers can quickly and easily find, improve or extend our code. This also allows you to hire freelancers to extend or set up your QUIQQER system.


  • Language variable management

    If you want to provide content in several languages, so-called "language variables" are used. You can easily manage them using the QUIQQER translator in the backend.
  • Copy projects to other languages

    With our handy CLI tool you can copy whole projects including site hierarchy and bricks to other languages.
  • Manage multiple languages and projects

    You manage multiple languages and projects from a single QUIQQER installation. You can use different domains to make this different content easy and search engine friendly to access.
  • Virtual Host Management

    QUIQQER has a virtual host administration by default. This allows you to direct domains to specific projects.

Page history / content versioning

  • Version management

    Thanks to QUIQQER's version control, you won't lose any content. The page version control stores which user edited a post at what time. If necessary, you can undo changes and restore older versions.
  • Version comparison

    If you are no longer sure what changes have been made to a page, QUIQQER's page version control offers you a comparison of different versions.


  • Optimized HTML

    The cache module saves your page in an optimal version. So your page is faster, rises in the search engine rankings and amazes your visitors.

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  • Optimized images

    QUIQQER prints optimized images and saves them in different versions. Thus, images are delivered depending on the ad size. This reduces the loading time of your page enormously.

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  • Optimized source code

    QUIQQER optimizes and compresses the HTML and binds CSS files better into the page. Loading time and rendering are much better.

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  • Flexible HTACCESS

    QUIQQER offers a flexible and adaptable HTACCESS file for the Apache web server. This allows you to optimize and set header information for different file types. QUIQQER provides a detailed wiki and templates. This is how you make your website optimally ready for use.

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