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What is QUIQQER?

flexible, simple, efficient — QUIQQER is more than just a CMS. It contains a multitude of useful tools that are not yet available in this form.

What can QUIQQER do?

Flexible, expandable, thousand possibilities! — QUIQQER is designed that large Internet portals can be created just as easily as small websites.

Useful extensions

QUIQQER comes with a variety of useful extensions that allow you to configure the system in a flexible way.

You can install extensions either manually or directly via the Q-Store. Our simple online update function keeps your system up to date.

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Why we love QUIQQER?

There are many reasons for QUIQQER. 

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For Developers

By developers - for developers. QUIQQER is designed for particularly simple and convenient extensibility. This makes developing for the system fun.

For editors

As an editor, you use your CMS almost daily. That's why the QUIQQER backend is as comfortable and individually configurable as you could wish for. Forget the technology and immerse yourself in your content!

For System-Administrators

System administrators ensure that a system is correctly set up and operated. This list includes a number of features and functions that QUIQQER brings to the system, making commissioning and maintenance a breeze.

Make it real with QUIQQER 



Modular design



No programming knowledge necessary



Many features


In the QUIQQER world, there is always something new happening. Stay up to date and don't miss a new message.

QUIQQER - Eager Eleia

Release: QUIQQER 1.5

Tada - QUIQQER 1.5 is here! Check out the new maintenance mode and the improved export function. Log your mail communication or enjoy the super fast permission manager. Specific country settings are especially exciting for e-commerce. And: MongoDB is included as a caching server.

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