QUIQQER is designed that even inexperienced users can easily install the CMS and create their first project in 5 minutes. And with just one installation, you can create and edit multiple projects simultaneously.

With its flexibility and ease of use, QUIQQER provides a foundation for relaxed working. Focus exclusively on your project without being held up by complicated operations and get the result you want.

Basic system

The basic system already contains the most important functions to successfully implement an Internet presence.  Due to its modular structure, it can be expanded almost limitlessly and adapted to your own needs.

  • The simplified page management helps you to keep track of several projects at the same time.
  • Translate your project / website into other languages to increase your success even further. You can assign a domain to each of your translated projects.
  • Assign tasks to users or user groups in a target-oriented way and determine which pages and contents they are allowed to see and which functions are available to them

Modules & Plugins

In addition there are many useful modules and plugins, get an overview of our extensions in our store

For a website you don't necessarily need all modules. Select the ones you find most interesting for your website and create your project in just a few minutes.


QUIQQER is not only adapted for editors. Developers also get their money's worth and can access a mature and powerful web application framework.

  • QUIQQER followes to certain code standards, including the PHP PSR-4, making the code uniform and easy to read.

  • Also, each development can be tracked very closely by the open source version control GitLab, as well as the collection of information about all projects in the different Wiki's.

  • Thanks to the XML interface, the system can be expanded easily and without frustration. Permissions, database tables, events, translations and more can be added to the system via simply structured XML files. This allows you to create the new modules in just a few steps, allowing you to quickly concentrate on the core functionality.

  • Events can be used to intervene in any process without time-consuming rummage.

  • Simple updating of the basic system and modules through solid integration of Composer, the tool for dependency management in PHP

  • Our constantly growing community will be happy to help you if you have any questions about QUIQQER.