Release: QUIQQER 1.8

QUIQQER, the well-known web content management platform, has released its latest update, 'Handsome Haflinger' version 1.8, and it holds a number of significant improvements and new features.

Release: QUIQQER 1.7

Drum roll: We present QUIQQER 1.7! "Gentle Goklan" delights developers and system administrators. A convenient backend even on smaller devices, better options with the console and a new editor and many more.

Release: QUIQQER 1.6

"Fancy Falabella" is at the start! QUIQQER 1.6 offers you more comfort and overview. Installation wizard and auto-update feature take the work off your hands and much more...

Release: QUIQQER 1.5

Tada - QUIQQER 1.5 is here! Check out the new maintenance mode and the improved export function. Log your mail communication or enjoy the super fast permission manager. Specific country settings are especially exciting for e-commerce. And: MongoDB is included as a caching server.

QUIQQER Retrospect 2019 und Preview 2020

QUIQQER Retrospect - The retrospect from and about QUIQQER. This edition includes a small preview of our plans for 2020 with a focus on QUIQQER for your company. QUIQQER for everyone.