1. Download QUIQQER

First download the QUIQQER installer. You can download this directly to your server or to your computer.

Start the Download

2. Install QUIQQER

QUIQQER can be installed using two methods: By terminal or by Websetup.

  • By Websetup - is launched in the browser and provides a graphical interface (recommended for editors)
  • By Terminal - only possible if you have console / bash access to the server (recommended for administrators)

button webbutton console

3. Extend QUIQQER

QUIQQER offers a variety of extensions. The best thing is to have a look at our store. Here you can find free and paid extensions. Even if QUIQQER brings everything important for your project start, there are sometimes extensions that make your work even easier.

To the Store

4. Getting Help

Everybody needs help sometimes. If you are stuck or have questions, we are happy to help you. There are several ways to contact us.